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Rhassoul or ghassoul is a saponiferous clay of volcanic origin, extracted deep in the quarries of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Due to its particular richness in minerals (iron, silicon, magnesium, potassium), its remarkable porosity and adsorption capacity, it is a clay with unique properties .

From the Arabic “rhassala” (to wash) rhassoul is part of the gifts traditionally offered to the bride on the day of the engagement together with Henna, dates and milk and cannot be missing in the Hammam with the Savon Noir and the Kessa (exfoliating glove).

Traditionally used for body and hair care, it softens the skin, reduces sebum secretion, regenerates the skin by eliminating impurities and dead cells.

1.   It has essential remineralizing properties to regulate the activity of all tissues and stimulate the microcirculation.

   It has cleansing and purifying properties , eliminates impurities and dead cells, delicately regulates the production of sebum, is ideal for fighting acne and blackheads.

   It is a natural anti-aging because it counteracts the formation of wrinkles, refines the skin texture and stimulates

cell renewal.

On the skin it delicately removes impurities, helps to close the pores and gives it a luminous and velvety appearance.

On the hair it helps to revitalize the keratin while respecting the lipo-protective film of the hair, purifies the scalp and makes the hair strong, soft and voluminous.

Laboratory studies on rhassoul have shown the following results:

• decrease in skin dryness of the order of 79%;

• reduction of the superficial layers of dry skin by 41%;

• 68% improvement in skin brightness;

• 24% increase in skin elasticity and tone;

• 106% improvement in skin texture;

• removal of fat on the outer layer of the skin and in the area near the comedones;

• decrease in acne and blackheads.

To find out more about Rhassoul:

see the book by Laura Saponaro - Rhassoul. A clay with wonderful virtues ( Amazon )


The Esprit Equo RHASSOUL line:
Face scrub mask, Cleansing gel, Purifying shampoo, Body Scrub.

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