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The secret of our products

A careful and accurate selection process of each raw material, which includes only high quality ingredients of natural origin.

A small Italian laboratory, specialized in certified organic cosmetics, always passionate about the study of plants and their wonderful properties.

Always innovative, effective and delicate formulations for the skin and the planet.
The certification of Organic Cosmetics on all our products

All our cosmetics are the result of this secret: small treasures, studied, tested, tried one by one to allow you to choose beauty, sustainability and innovation .

Ref_105_Esprit Equo DUO.jpg

The choice of a rigorous and restrictive certification of Organic Cosmetics, according to the CCPB standard, on all our products.


  • Pleasant and highly tolerable formulas even for the most sensitive skin.


  • Only raw materials of excellence and of natural and organic origin in a percentage greater than 95%

  • NO to aggressive surfactants (SLS, ALS, SLES), substances derived from petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, paraffins, perfumes and dyes of synthetic origin, GMOs.

  • Organic Cosmetics Certified according to the CCPB specification , a strict certification control body accredited in Italy and abroad.

  • An eco-sustainable packaging with a low environmental impact.


  • Microbiological, dermatological and Nickel tests on all products.


  • NO to animal testing (as established by Italian law and European directives).

  • 100% Made in Italy production

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