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Ethical Beauty


The continuous and coherent search for an ethical and conscious beauty.

We choose raw materials resulting from the work of small producers or companies that promote social projects,
respecting work and the dignity of people.

Argan oil, shea butter, rose water and other raw materials at the base of our formulations are purchased on fair terms and through direct and continuous commercial relationships according to Fair Trade and Fair for Life standards .

In particular, in Morocco our long-term commitment is to the
women of the Tighaminine cooperative, the first cooperative
in the world to have obtained Fair Trade certification for the
production of  Argan oil .

Their hard work and determination makes it possible to improve the lives of their families, increase their autonomy, contribute to the education of their children.
The women of the cooperative attend training and literacy courses and constantly participate in programs of  Preservation of the Argan Tree Forest .

PHOTO: Eric de Mildt for BTC's Trade for Development Center

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