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Rituals from other times

From the oriental tradition the passion for beauty

The discovery of ancient rites and traditions, where beauty is the outward expression of balance and harmony with nature and with ourselves.

 Knowledge of the marvellous properties of plants that have their roots in time, transmitted from mother to daughter over generations throughout different civilizations up to our days without having lost their origins and above all their effectiveness.

Neither of people nor of the environment, integrating the ancient knowledge of the body of Oriental and
Mediterranean traditions with modern cosmetological skills.


With Esprit Equo, following the “spirit” of ancient traditions, the body is regenerated and nature is renewed



The Hammam is not just a room filled with steam, a place to inhale eucalyptus to free the body of toxins, microbes and skin impurities.

The Hammam, with the traditional Savon noir and the Kessa glove, is a true beauty ritual during which it’s easy to forget everyday life, find well-being and balance, relax and dedicate a few moments to ourselves..

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