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GREEN Innovation

We take care of our planet through environmentally friendly packaging and eco-conscious efforts.

We work with our suppliers to find eco-friendly minimally pack: Recyclable (REPET) or Green Bio Based plastic, originated by sugar cane instead of oil, Recycled glass, FSC certified paper from well-managed forests.

With more than 30 references, ESPRIT EQUO products are currently distributed throughout Italy in specialized retail and organic shops and are also available online in the main market places.

We have chosen the first cosmetic jar made with a percentage of glass for our face creams post-consumer recycled glass over 75% which rises to 90% also considering post-production recycled glass.

The glass guarantees maximum protection for the product and less environmental impact.

This bottle is manufactured in

BIO BASED plastic, a material obtained fromsugar cane instead of oiland it is 100% renewable

The FSC certification mark guarantees that the entire wood-paper supply chain certified for its standards derives from an environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management.

We are convinced that the recycling model is the most ethical and environmentally sustainable means of production.


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